New Star Energy Ltd. was one of the first oil and gas companies in Canada to successfully acid stimulate an openhole horizontal lateral in multiple stages using Lee Energy Systems' retrievable straddle packer system.
To date New Star has stimulated 37 horizontal wellbores in multiple stages, with a 100% success rate on the retrieval of the straddle packers. The geographical area in which the packers were run was in central Alberta and the primary zone of interest was the Banff formation.
The technical design allows multiple stimulations to be conducted either on jointed pipe or coil tubing in a cost effective and timely manner. The ability to conduct multiple stimulations in one run reduces overall completion costs and leaves you with a wellbore that can be re-entered for future re-stimulations if necessary.
Lee Energy Systems provides fast and efficient service. Their products have proven to be reliable, cost effective and their team is always looking at innovative solutions to improve tool performance.
Due to the great success, New Star Energy will continue to use the Lee Energy Systems ``SPEED SQUEEZE Straddle Packer System`` on future acid stimulations. It is a proven system that has worked for New Star Energy Ltd.
New Star Energy Ltd
New Star Energy Ltd
Darrin Hanik
We at Coral Hill Energy had used the Lee Energy Systems SPEED SQUEEZE straddle packer stimulation system early in 2014 for cased hole remedial situations where a 114mm ported liner system was breached and required selected intervals to be stimulated and had great success.
Due to the success of the cased hole system we decided in October-2014 to incorporate the open-hole system into a Beaverhill Lake (carbonate) acid fracture completion stimulation program. Our wellbore consists of 177.8mm '1.80' to 2,770 mKB (M.D.), then 159 mm open hole to 3,927 mKB (M.D.) @ 90 degrees inclination. We utilized the PPS Ultra-FX 588 OH system and proposed for 30 stages across the 1,157 m lateral @ 20 m3 of 28% HCI acid per stage, basically stimulate 10 meters, then skip 30 meters, then stimulate 10 meters and so on. A conservative estimate of cost savings over our existing ball drop process is in the 500k range. Surface pressures ran @ 55 mPa and B.H. pressure gauge data (from within the packer system) indicates approximately 45 mPa through the stimulation events @ approximately 3 m3 /min. The job went off mechanically without a hitch and all elements and components of the system were recovered intact and in good shape. We are happy to be the first Producer to conduct a successful open hole straddle packer frac of this type in the Swan Hills area. The well is a developmental well 'in-field' and initial results indicate excess of 65 m3 / day oil rate. We are planning on continuing with this style of stimulation in the future and are confident to recommend it.
Coral Hill Energy
Coral Hill Energy
Brian Schneider