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Coil Tubing Annular Frac

Tension/Closed; Compression/Open

Hydro-Mechanical Perforator

Pump above 200 L/min closes valve

For lower annular isolation

For lower annular isolation

to allow unloader to flow thru


Coil Tubing Annular Frac
The Gator Perforator with a compression set packer can be used to perforate and annular frac a wellbore in a single trip. The combination of perforating and stimulating allows for a more pinpoint frac to ensure maximum returns from each zone. This system will accommodate acid or proppant. The combination of a single trip and Coil tubing conveyed allows for a quick operation. This ensure that the client puts the well back on to production as soon as possible.

• Run in hole to desired depth (Packer in "run in" position; last motion up to close the ULS Sub)
• Activate Gator by flowing at 200 L/min to close VCV & Pressure up to 2000 psi; watch for cut signature or drop in tubing pressure to indicate successful cut.
• Pull up 1 meter to retract blades
• Position the Blast Joint over the perforations and set Auto J Packer with a compression stroke. This will also open the ULS Sub
• Ready for frac ops
• Flow thru the CT at 50 L/min. This will exit out the VCV & ULS and allow positive flow to keep fluid moving out the coil. It will also allow for the pressure to equalize in the CT to keep it from collapsing.
• Pump frac down the annulus of the coil.
• Once frac is pumped away, follow with an overflush.
• Pull up to next zone and repeat until all stages are complete.


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