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Toe Prep System

to disconnect lower BHA from coil if required. Ball Drop Circ for pulling out of hole and circulating. Double flapper for well control

Hydro-Mechanical Perforator

to allow flow through the tubing. Once a ball is dropped, the BHA is closed except for a 6/32 bleeder nozzle and a full activation of the Gator can be made by pumping at 2 bpm. Bring downhole differential up to 4000 psi then kick out the pumps.

to provide a vibrating pulse to reduce tool friction on the trip in the hole

Positive displacement pump.

Customer specified bit or mill.


Toe Prep System
The Gator perforator can now be ran to cleanout and perforate failed toe sleeves in a single trip. This significantly lowers time between clean out and putting a well back onto production after stimulating. Additional tools such as a Mud motor and agitator can be ran in junction with the Gator to accommodate extended reach laterals.

• Run in hole to the toe of the well.
• Circulate on trip in as required to operate the Agitator, Mud Motor and Mill.
• Once on depth, drop 0.7" dia activation ball and pump to seat, closing the main bore and leaving the 6/32 nozzle open to below.
• Pump at 2 bpm and bring downhole differential pressure up to 4000 psi for a successful perforation.
• Kick out the pumps and allow the tool to equalize.
• Repeat the pressure up sequence of the Gator to fully perforate all clusters of the first frac stage.
• Once all perforations are complete, drop the MHA circulation ball and follow the activation procedure described by the manufacturer.
• Circulate as needed and pull out of the hole.


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