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PWC/C4 System

Used to create a choke point in the A-annulus to force the fluid flow path into the B-annulus for a more effective clean out

Impact vibration and jetting used to break up and dislodge stubborn cement or barite during washing

Hydro-Mechanical Perforator

expands to create the A B annulus cement supoprt barrier


The C4 annular barrier system was deployed on two wells on jointed pipe. The use of Gator Mechanical perforator allowed to gain access to the back side of the 7 in casing. The washout of the barite and cement behind the casing was completed with the Jack Hammer to place a new cement column behind the casing.

Run 1 Steps: Cut: Gator Perforating Operations
1. RIH to desired depth. Note: Wellbore fluid will by-pass through MPX when RIH.
2. Move Gator into perforating position as per tubing tally.
3. Pressure up to specified pressure to activate MPX - shear release to expand - set as A & B annuli plug. Gator will make its first cut simultaneously.
4. Pressure up to specified pressure to shear the parting stem in MPX. This disconnects the A & B annuli cement barrier (bridge plug) from the BHA.
5. Pull up to come out of the Gator Cut and move to the next position.
6. Flow at minimum specified rate to close the VCV (adjust accordingly).
7. Activate Gator perforator by pressuring up to max specified pressure or until dump sub activates (Gator max stroke achieved)
8. Open ULS to equalize tubing to annulus by moving string into compression.
9. Pick up and re-set Gator and repeat step #5-7 for more cuts
10. When finished cutting, POOH. Run 2 Steps: Clean, Condition, Cement Operations
11. RIH to start position above top cuts.
12. Activate the JH by circulating at a specified rate. Continue movement down-hole while circulating at a specified rate and rotational speed.
13. Reciprocate tubing string across perforating intervals. Repeat multiple passes until returns are favorable (returns free of debris).
14. Stop pumping.
15. Position top diverter packer above bottom set of perfs and pump cement spacer/conditioner bottoms up thru B annulus.
16. After specified spacer pumped away, pump cement at specified rate while moving up-hole through the perforated interval.


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