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Six Piston Wash and Cement System


The Jack Hammer is part of the LES C4 system (Cut, Clean, Condition and Cement). The tool is setup with a Packer diverter to force the annular flow through the B-annulus area and features hydraulically activated jetting pistons. Once the perforations are complete, the oscillatory jetting jackhammer would then be deployed at the perforation interval and the washing sequence would start

When the flow is pumped through the Jack Hammer, the pistons from the Jack Hammer are pushed out due to the pressure drop from the tubing to annulus.

The piston force will cause the round coned section of the piston to engage or hit the indentations caused by the cutting with the Gator Perforator.

As the pistons follow the casing and engage into the cut windows created by perforating or cutting, an impact and jarring energy will resonate through the casing along with the fluid jetting at the point of entry into the b annulus.

This will allow for an efficient clean as the jetting and impact forces will be used to dislodge any debris cement barite or other materials that might be trapped between the two casing strings or B Annulus. As the cleaning of the hole is completed, the cement is then pumped to complete the isolation


P&A operations

Remediation of annulus cement to remove micro-annuli channeling

Trapped Gas behind the casing

Jack Hammer – Impact vibration and jetting used to break up and dislodge stubborn cement or barite during washing.

Successful operation of the cut clean circulation and cement system



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