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Lee Energy Systems is proud to be a part of the Canadian Energy Industry.

We are driven by a shared passion for Innovative Designs and Reliable Technologies.

By providing the Energy Industry with explosive-free more efficient tools, we improve the safety of workers, reduce overall ecological impact, and reduce overall operational costs.

Our hydraulic-based stimulation and completion tools and assemblies can ship anywhere around the world and operate under the harshest conditions.

Lee Energy Systems downhole technologies and BHAs are designed to support our four core tools:

The GATOR PERFORATOR (explosive-free unlimited perforation tool)

THE SPEED SQUEEZE (unlimited multi-zone isolation tool)

THE JACKHAMMER (rotational washing and cementing tool)

THE MEGA PACKER (A/B Annulus cement support barrier tool)

These four Primary Hydraulically-driven tools can be configured in multiple completion, well intervention, stimulation, and abandonment applications.


By focusing on improving efficiency and reliability, LEE ENERGY SYSTEMS designs innovative tools that reduce risk to workers;  reduce the impact on the environment, and reduce overall operational costs.