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The New Standard in Energy Systems - WORLDWIDE

Full Cycle Systems Revolutionizing the Energy Industry





LEE ENERGY COMPLETION SYSTEMS offers a safe and efficient alternative to the standard RUN AND GUN charge-based explosive or sliding sleeve completion systems standard to the Oil and Gas Industry.

With the GATOR PERFORATOR Annual Frac configuration on coil tubing or jointed pipe, the combination of perforating and stimulating allows for a more pinpoint frac to ensure maximum production and capital returns from each zone. This system will accommodate acid or proppant in vertical and horizontal wellbores.  

The Gator BHA allows for unlimited cuts per run along with any perforation density and your completion space out can be changed on the fly.     

LEE ENERGY SYSTEM Completion BHA catalog provides an explosive-free alternative for safer more efficient wellbore completions and is currently in operation around the globe

IMULATION” SYSTEMS dramatically reduced wellbore completion and refrac times by eliminating multiple runs with simple robust downhole tools. 

LEE ENERGY SYSTEMS hydraulically engaged packer BHAs utilize the patented SPEED SQUEEZE Tool System, which can be run on coil tubing, jointed pipe or drill pipe and spaced any distance apart.

The SPEED SQUEEZE system will seal up to 10000psi differential in acid, chemical and proppant applications.  Simply stop pumping and the packers disengage move to the next stage and engage pumps and the tools seal with the process then repeated throughout the wellbore. 

These tools are shipped globally on projects that scale from small restimulation jobs in densely populated Urban Environments in North America to new Stimulation projects in remote locations in the North Sea and MENA.

LEE ENERGY SYSTEMS has Stimulated over 220 wells worldwide and 5500 stages with the SPEED SQUEEZE.