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The New Standard in Energy Systems - WORLDWIDE

Full Cycle Systems Revolutionizing the Energy Industry




LEE ENERGY "OFFSHORE P&A" SYSTEMS explosive-free BHA's offer logistically sound wellbore interventions and cost-saving alternatives to traditional P&A systems, setting the industry standard in wellbore perforating safety. Being Explosive-free and hydraulically activated reduces the transportation payload and paperwork required to get our P and A BHA on site.  BHA’s are easily transported and assembled providing effective options to complete multiple interventions in one single run.  

Gator BHA’s offer the option to cut and test for injectivity, Perf Wash Cement, Cut and Cement in a single run, Shale Creep Testing along with casing cut and pull operations.

In the C-4 system (PWC) the Gator Perforator, Speed Squeeze, Jack Hammer, and Mega Packer work together to first provide an A  / B annular barrier in the wellbore, perforate and center the casing, then dislodge and wash old cement from the wellbore and finally provide a cement barrier. 

LEE ENERGY "OFFSHORE P&A" SYSTEMS  BHA catalog provides an explosive-free alternative for safer more efficient wellbore interventions and is currently in operation around the globe.

LEE ENERGY SYSTEMS has abandoned over 175 wells worldwide offshore.