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Surface Casing Vent Flow

to unload internal pressure and allow the annulus and tubing to equalize for retraction of the Gator.

Hydro-Mechanical Perforator

Pump above 200 L/min closes valve


The Gator perforator can perforate and test injection of individual zones in a single run. In certain applications the client has the ability to cement and squeeze cement into multiple zones in a single trip. In wells with surface casing vent flow the perforations created by the Gator perforator can significantly increase your chance of locating the source of the vent flow.

• Run in hole to desired depth straddling the packers over the intended stim zone.
• Circulate through the VCV at specified rate.
• Activate Packers by flowing at specified rate to close VCV & within the rate window for zonal stimulation.
• To deactivate packers, simply kick out the pumps. The packers will retract to their original position.
• Allow time for annular equalization and pull to the next stage.
• Repeat Activation, Stimulation, and Deactivation sequence for all intended zones.
• When stages are complete, pull out of hole.


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